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First I taught the platforming by having it in a safe environment where you couldn't die from falling out of the map. Then I introduced an enemy that couldn't move to avoid killing the player too early. I then developed it to have jumps over the void. And then a moving platform with a single enemy. And then the twist was that I put many different moving platforms and two enemies. Then I made the player crouch to get to the other side to prepare them for the next bit. Where they have to crouch on a platform without falling off. Then I have a large and big health pool enemy show up near moving platforms. And then you run up the hill and end up near a gem. And thats the game. I wanted the skill of the player to be shown.

Credits to Brackeys for the base code.

And KIN NG, LOSEV VALERA, EVPO GAMES, for the art work.


Gone Questing. 4301 Level Design 4 MB

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